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Bellarosa Cake Paket Berkah
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Specification of Bellarosa Cake Paket Berkah

Need a nice and cheap cookie cake for Eid this year? Just buy this Bellarosa Berkah cake package.

In one box there are 6 pastry jars that will accompany your Eid day, the cakes that are provided are cakes that you usually meet during Lebaran, such as snow cakes.

For Taste, do not doubt, belarosa is very famous for the taste and appearance of its cakes which are very interesting and delicious to eat.

If you want to order more, the prices offered will be cheaper

The following list of prices:

min. 10: 51,000 / box
min. 50: 46,000 / box
min. 500: 43,000 / box
min.1000: 41,000 / box

Please WA us for fast service.

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