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UD. Kue Kering (Jawa Barat, Indonesia)

We sell different brands of Lebaran 2021 Pastries pastry with good taste crispy and delicious with a very beautiful packaging and attractive it is suitable for gifts on Eid, suitable also for parcel employees.

Cakes that we sell such as:
- Cakes Monosari like, monosari cake package, package monosari super exclusive cake and chocolate cake monosari
- Snacks such Nikita Sari, nikita sari cake package, cake package monosari oval, and others.
- Package monosari cake, syrup monosari, and other monosari products.
- Cakes Bellarosa like, dante Bellarosa cake, cake Bellarosa sustenance, Bellarosa syrup and pastry package Bellarosa
- In addition to the syrup and cake We also sell tupperware or food, places to eat that are sold are made of quality plastic material.

Colleagues who want to follow pastries join aja business here, get more keutungan.

Please Book now before prices go up and ran
Address (Directions Lippo) / Perum Taman Sentosa Blok C4 No. 19. Sand Sari Cikarang Bekasi south-
Phone / Wtsp: 081212043542

E-mail: yuli_vini@yahoo.com


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